Back Pain Treatment In New Jersey

Back pain is usually a symptom of many other diseases or it can be just that simple, a back pain. This pain could range from sudden sharp pain or just a simple dull pain. Only after it persists for up to 3 months can it be considered as chronic pain. There are many back pain doctors in New Jersey who have specialized in curing this and related pains. The good news is that, back pain, if not chronic, responds well to conservative treatment. However, you must visit your back pain specialist near you wherever you are in New Jersey to get professional advice and help so that you get back to normal in no time.

Once you visit a doctor and have some tests, you will realize that back pain could be a symptom of diseases such as; kidney infections, ovarian disorders, pregnancy, appendicitis, spinal stenosis, tumors and many other conditions. Back can be treated by conservative treatment methods such as:

  • - Rest: it possible that back pain could result from you putting a lot of pressure on your back. A complete rest for about 2 days will relax the stiff pain and you will not feel any discomfort afterwards.
  • - Ice packs: placing ice packs where the injury is diminishes any swelling and relieves the pain. Never place ice directly on the skin but use a towel and after 15-20 minutes you will be good.
  • - Using a belt: a belt or a brace helps to support your back throughout the healing process.
  • - Medications: You doctor in NJ may also prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs which will also reduce the pain. Some other medications like muscle relaxants may also be recommended to you.
  • - Rehabilitation Program: as the doctor sees fit, you may be put under a rehabilitation program which will consist a number of exercises that will stretch and strengthen your muscles. It could also include gentle massages, pelvic traction, ice or heat therapy which helps reduce the pain, strengthen your muscles and aid in the general recovery process.

No matter how mild or severe your back pain it is important to visit the doctor so as to find out the root cause of the pain. In some cases, you may have to undergo surgery in case the problem has greatly affected your spine. There are many back pain doctors in New Jersey who are professional with years of experience in this field. Do not languish in pain, visit your doctor and get the best back pain treatment nj.

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